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2022 - 2023 PBCEPC Committees

Annual Estate Planning Supplement 
Mark Brown (Chair)
Stephanie Murray (Co-Chair)
Connie Eckerle
Domenick Macri
Colleen Rhodd
Adam Slavin
Giannina Smith
Michael Stafford
Stephen Zaloom
Chris Losquadro (Chair)
Laura Barry
                          Ellen Emerson                            

Anthony Lourido
Cory Lyon
Gavin McNally
Sandra Stella
Tommy Thompson
Diversity & Inclusion 
Sarah Gaymon (Chair)
Kristen Bissett
Sasha Klein
Syndie Levien
Domenick Macri
Matthew Thibaut
Erin Marie Wallace

Domenick Macri (Chair)
Mark Brown
Keith Dubaukas
Ellen Emerson
Sarah Gaymon
Richard Hartman
Murph Lavergne
Syndie Levien
Chris Losquadro
Anthony Lourido
Gavin McNally
Darren Mills
Darline Richter
Irv Seldin
Janet Shamblin
Adam Slavin
Tommy Thompson
Theresa Valinotti
Sponsorship & Programming
Anthony Pace (Chair)
Andrea Albertini
Lisa Bebout-Napoli
Michael Becker
Gregory Romagnoli
Tommy Thompson
Shawn Wolf
Scholarship Committee
Matthew Thibaut (Chair)
Syndie Levien
Stephanie Murray
National Estate Planning Awareness Week Committee
Lisa Bebout-Napoli (Chair)
Jennifer Bellis
Joseph Hosler
Don Payne
Jennifer Quent
Lisa Rispoli
Michael Schiff
Lauren Stuhmer
Christopher Skvarch

 Please contact Jacqueline Farina, PBCEPC Administrator, if interested in serving on a committee and/or on the board in the future: 561-714-2360, admin@pbcepc.org.