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2017 - 2018 PBCEPC Committees

Annual Supplement 
Matthew Thibaut(Chair)
Sasha Klein (Co-Chair)
Josh Escoto
Patti Giarratano
Suzanne Holmes
Erik Lembcke
Mark Montgomery
  Mark Parthemer 
Michael Stafford


TBD (Chair)
Jennifer Amarnick
Syndie Levien
James McBrayer
Veronica McLeond
Andy Newitt


Membership and Sponsorship
Andrew Shamp (Chair)
Connie Eckerle
Dayle Feingold
Barbara Higgins
Cynthia Jackson
Susan Kaplan
Andrew Kravit
Murph Lavergne
Chris Losquadro
Anthony Lourido
James McBrayer
Veronica McLeod
Edith Pecan
Darline Richter
Adam Slavin


Stephanie Murray (Chair)
Syndie Levien
Lisa Nam
Anthony Pace
James Tisdale
Christina Worley
Stephen Zaloom
Scholarship Committee

Michael Becker (Chair)
Andrew Comiter
David Holland
Cara Lamborn


Michael Becker
Andrew Comiter
David Holland
Cara Lamborn

 Please contact Wanda Doumar, PBCEPC Administrator, if interested in serving on a committee and/or on the board in the future: 561-310-5442, admin@pbcepc.org.